MDK 3000

Performance: 3000 kg/h
Electric demands: 5 kW, 400 V,16 A
Material: Wnr. 1.4301, AISI 304 stainless steel
Weight: 360 kg
Tub water capacity: 440 L
Washing water supply: 100-200 L/h (depending on the setting)
Water connection: ¾” quick connector
IP65 certified electronics
Grinder with a massive crushing hammer (available for beetroot and quince))
The grinder can be by-passed and turned, this way the machine is capable of process stone-fruits
Noise emission: 60-70 dB
4 pcs of strong, counter-rotating brushes for the intense cleaning
Rotating paddle, that towards the washed fruit to the elevator
Requires minimal maintenance
Adjustable belt speed

Changeable diameter sieve: for changing the texture of the mash
Stop ‘n’ Go system: membrane sensor, that allows the fruit washer/grinder and the belt press to work together
Dosing module: sliding door with end-switch, that allows the dosing from the grinder safely to the pack press.


Poštovani, kancelarije Revin d.o.o. se od sada nalaze na novoj adresi, Trinaestog oktobra 13, Gross Optik kompleks, Umka.